Rev. James R. Damude

Rev. James R. Damude

One of the most beautiful moments in a person’s life is when they reach the altar on their wedding day. I believe the beauty of that moment is accentuated when a couple’s unique love story is interwoven into their ceremony. It’s my desire to make that moment spectacular.

Since the ceremony is a moment and a marriage is designed for a lifetime, I also offer couples premarital counseling. Through customized sessions, I walk couples through a variety of topics that enhance their relationship. These practical sessions makecouples laugh as they learn through my marital mistakes and the wisdom from proven resources.

For over ten years, I have had the unique opportunity to prepare over sixty couples to join their lives together in marriage with premarital counseling.



Premarital/Ceremony 1

This package includes a couple inventory, up to six sessions of professional premarital counseling, multiple books and resources to keep, coordination of the rehearsal, a customized wedding ceremony, sound equipment use (great for outdoor weddings), and the blessing at the the reception.


Premarital/Ceremony 2

This package includes a couple inventory, up to two sessions of professional premarital counseling,coordination of the rehearsal, a customized wedding ceremony and the blessing at the reception.


Custom Ceremony

This package includes a customized wedding ceremony of your love story and the blessing at the reception.




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If ever there were a man that could cause wedding ceremony stress by forgetting his pants, it would be Rev. James Damude. Through trial and error, he has perfected the wedding ceremony by actually listening to couples tell their love story in sessions leading up to the BIG day. As an ordained minister, he has over sixty weddings to his name.  James takes pride in that he has only forgotten his pants once to a wedding.  In all seriousness, James believes life is too short to eat gas station hotdogs and that every marriage can be amazing when couples learn how to live the love, not just feel it.  James has been certified in pre-marital counseling for over 10 years. 

When not meeting with couples, he enjoys teaching his four children microeconomics through a summer lemonade stand.  He is a public speaker but cannot sing karaoke.  After 14 years of marriage, he is more in love with his wife than ever before.  You can find him on social media and on the campus of Saginaw Valley State University, where he is Chaplain, helping students figure out life and where their Biology classes are.