We have been preserving memories by filming weddings since the year 2000.  You can learn more about use by reading below, watching a sample video, or going to our website, blog, or Facebook page.

About Captured Wedding Films

Renee' and I have been married for over eighteen years. Our wedding was simple yet beautiful. We managed to plan our wedding with a less than $10,000 budget. Although this was difficult, we decided to include videography in our budget. My sister's wedding had been taped by a well meaning friend and they were very disappointed. We found a videographer with a great reputation. We have watched our tape over and over as if it was the first time. We have enjoyed rewatching it on our anniversary, listening to our vows, and experiencing the emotion through the video montages.

This experience has inspired us to provide this type of service for other bride and grooms as well. We pride ourselves in not only our quality, using top of the line high definition (HD) cameras and up to 6 wireless microphones, but also our creative artistic style that will make your wedding movie beautiful and entertaining to watch again and again. We have honed our talents to provide brides and grooms with the finest wedding films available anywhere, at any price. Each wedding we do is a new and wonderful experience that receives our complete attention, energy, and enthusiasm. From our first meeting until our work is complete we will combine our talent and technique with your wants and desires to ensure your expectations are met. Captured Productions stays on the cutting edge of what you are looking for in a wedding movie, from style to technology.  If you admire a creative approach, appreciate quality, and love romance as we do, we would love to meet with you.

When choosing a cinematographer it is imperative that you feel comfortable with their style and personality. There are unlimited ways that a wedding can be captured and edited ranging in quality and style. Be sure to see a sample of their work before hiring them for your special day. For your convenience we have put several samples of our work on our website for your viewing.  We also keep our blog up to date with current work and happenings, be sure to check it often. If you are unable to view the samples due to slow connection speed or other reasons, please contact us and we can arrange for you to view our work. If after you have viewed our work, read a little about what we do, and feel good about what we can provide for you, please call or e-mail us today.